Overview of the Winter Wins Slot Machine

You’d better get your wool hats and gloves ready for this one. Swedish developer Fantasma Games has conjured up a frosty setting for its Wins of Winter slot machine. Wins of Winter isn’t a Christmas slot in the traditional sense, but it works quite fine as a stand-in for one, and it’s built on the success of a prior release, as is the case with many Christmas slots. Magikspell, a game with a focus on the supernatural, served as the inspiration for Wins of Winter. Despite their superficial similarities, the two games are quite different. Although Fantasma Games has not completely overhauled the game, they have made significant changes that make it seem very different from before.

The first novel element is the setting, which is, as was indicated in the previous paragraph, a cold region of the world where winds howl and the sky takes on strange colours. The kind of area where throwing a kettle of boiling water into the air would cause it to fall as snow. While Wins of Winter’s score may not reach the same heights as that of its predecessor, Magikspell, it is still pretty wonderful and would work wonderfully in a cartoon. There are also icy mountains and floating crystals in addition to the tall trees. Let’s glide forward; this is both magical and random.

The 5-reel game board in the familiar 3-4-5-4-3 configuration has returned for Wins of Winter. There are 20 fixed paylines that run across it, and any combination of 3 to 5 of a type will trigger a payout. The mathematical model is extremely volatile like previously, but the return this time is just 96%, down from 99%. The potential was 5,000 times the initial investment, hence there has been a significant loss. Wins of Winter may be played on any device, and wagers range from 20 pence to £/€160 per spin for real money. When you increase or decrease your wager, your Frozen and Golden frames, as well as your Progression meter, will remain intact at each stake level.

It’s symbol time, and the lowest-paying symbols are the 10s and Aces (0.75 to 1 times the wager for 5 of a kind), followed by the purple jewels (highest), green gems (middle), yellow gems (middle), and red gems (highest), and a wizard (lowest). The payout for a full house ranges from 1.25 times to 3.5 times the wager. Wilds are also present, although they are not visible until the Winter Wild function is activated. A wild’s primary function is to stand in for ordinary pay icons. A victory including entirely of wild symbols (all five reel positions filled) is worth 3.5 times the wager.

Slot Machine Winter Winnings Features

An eclectic mix of classic and innovative features can be found in Wins of Winter, including a Progression meter, Winter Wild, Mirror, Chest, and Bonus games.

Winter’s Wild Spotlight

When a Snow symbol touches down, it freezes the scene in place. At random, the Snow sign may transform into a Golden Snow symbol, leaving behind a Golden frame. On the subsequent spin, the positions with the golden frames will act as wilds. Positions immediately close to cells containing Frozen frames also become wild. Both kinds of pictures remain on the reels until a wild substitution is made.

Accumulation Gauge

Additionally, the Progression meter advances by one every time a Snow symbol lands. At 50 points, the Mirror feature is activated; at 100 points, it is activated again; and at 150 points, the multiplier for the bonus game is increased as follows: by a factor of 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, and 100. The Progression meter resets to zero after each improvement to the multiplier. If your total surpasses 150, the extra points will be collected along with the following batch. There will be no more point accrual once the multiplier hits 100. The multiplier returns to 1 when the bonus round ends.

Display Mirror

Reel 1 and 2’s frozen and golden frames are duplicated on reels 3 and 4 when this feature is engaged. Reels 1 and 2 feature mirror images of the Frozen and Golden frames seen on reels 3 and 4. If a Golden Frame already occupies a certain spot, it will not bother placing a Frozen Frame there. Following the Chest feature and before the Winter Wild feature is the Mirror feature.

Chest Appearance

In the default setting, chests appear on the rightmost reel. Depending on where it lands, it will either contribute three to six points to the Progression meter or freeze two to four frames at random.

Freebie Item

When you get three bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 during the main game, you trigger the bonus round. You should expect to receive between 9 and 18 clicks here. A player’s click can show a value anywhere from half to twenty times the bet. The sum of all cash prizes is then multiplied by the bonus game’s multiplier and given.

The Slot Machine Results of Winter

Rather from being a traditional Christmas-themed slot, “Wins of Winter” is a celebration of all things wintry and enchanted. However, with a little bit of creative thinking, players may approach Wins of Winter like postmodernism and make it into anything they want it to be. It’s clear that someone with strict requirements changed Magikspell, for better or worse. Better if you’re more of a pick-me fan than a hold-n-win player, or if snowflakes are more your style than gargoyles. Those looking for a diamond-shaped game grid with an infectious wild element may find it difficult to discover compelling arguments in favor of Wins of Winter over Magikspell.

Putting aside the parallels for a second, there were times during testing where Wins of Winter really clicked. For one thing, it made for a very enchanted atmosphere. The music is as epic as it gets, and the graphics are pleasing. Although I personally like this game more than Magikspell, I found myself constantly comparing the two during the experience. There was a consensus that Wins of Winter was the duller of the two. Finally, we should note that Wins of Winter is vastly outmatched by Magikspell, which offers a maximum win of 20,000x, while Wins of Winter’s highest victory is only 5,000x.

It’s difficult to recommend Wins of Winter over its predecessor unless you find the setting to be utterly captivating. Everything from the bonus round multiplier to the maximum payout has been reduced by Fantasma Games. Sure, why not if it’s supposed to be a Christmas replacement or if select ‘n clicks are more popular than hold ‘n wins? If not, it just seems like a lower quality game.






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